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EOC series Oil free screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:15:33
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Product description

Product Description

The cyclone separator is proven with a condensed water discharge function, which is installed dowsteam of the OSG-EOC system.Preventing oil from splashing when a system block. OSG-EOC series oil free  compressor is different from other oil free compressors on the market,it does not appear any oil leakage situation.

Using high efficient temperature maintaining heat exchanger to keep the finest catalyzing temperature, also used for cooling the clean oil free compressed air. In this case, only in the initial stage of the  compressor to the transfer box heater is energized.

The reliable sensor and controller ensure the alarm control of precise temperature, So that it can prevent the compressor to discharge any oil to the system in the fault machine conditions.


Technological revolution of oil free compressed air Working principle of oil free catalytic conversion technology “Oil free converter” is a  technology revolution in the compressed air treatment of OSG company.It can be used for oil free compressor to remove hydrocarbons and other impurities.OSG-EOC oil free converter has two main functions 

1:clean air,to reach 100% without oil;

2:to prevent the emergence of emulsified oil,the compressed air that enter the OSGEOC system,through the air to air heat exchanges is heated to the required temperature normal reaction,through multiple physical and chemical reaction,the compressed air contained in oil and other hydrocarbon cracking and the oxygen in the air oxidation reaction occurs,generating clean water and air containing carbon dioxide. the purified compressed air through the air /gas heat exchanger,temperature is reduced,the quality of  compressed air after the OSG EOC is better than ISO85731 level.the high quality of the compressed air in the PSG-EOC oil free converter life can be guaranteed