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EOW series Water lubricating oil free screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:16:15
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Product description

Advantage features: 

1: OSG oil-free screw compressor adopts a water lubricating screw unit developed with European technologies. Being resistant to corrosion, it' s free of deformation in high and low temperature environments, and a separate lubricating watercourse is adopted inside to minimize abrasion of the main unit and reduce air pollution. With a higher air flow velocity, it adopts original water separation and softening systems imported from Germany to increase the water separation speed inside the vapor bucket, yield the best water separation effect and make sure of water content in the exhaust being less than 2mg/m3.


2: It adopts the copper screw and sealing materials imported from DOS.DS so that the screw' s sealing and engagement are tighter and the sealing materials are more anti-wear.


3: It adopts imported SKF bearing plus the separate internal hermetic seal technology to guarantee absolutely zero contact between lubricating water and bearings, reduce rustiness of bearings caused by lubricating water and make sure of the service life of bearings exceeding 50000 hours.


4: Its water system adopts the unique water filtration and lubrication system of German DOS.DS to make the best use of lubrication, sealing noise reduction and cooling functions. The full automatic water control system ensures reasonable water flow and reduces the compressor' s power loss.


5: It adopts a design of double systems:air and water cooling,to ensure easy use and installation for customers.


6: It all adopts direct connection transmission with the lowest power consumption.


7: It adopts water as cooling and compression and sealing medium,  make the cost become lowest.






 1.Specifications are subject to change without notice.


 2.We can be customized according to customers’ special requirements.