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ETS series Two stage screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:16:32
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Product description

The ETS series features

1. The oil injection two stage screw air compression of OSG with reasonable pressure ratio, such as smaller leakage, lower noise design of host. It combines the level 1 compressed rotor and the secondary compressed rotor within a case, and directly transmit by top gear , makes every level of the rotor at running time to get the best linear velocity of gas production matching, at the same time, reasonable pressure ratio can effectively reduce the compression leakage again, so the compression efficiency is much higher than that of single stage compression. So, compared with the single stage compression, two stage compression more efficient!

2. The oil injection two stage screw air compression of OSG under the same power, the pressure volume is more 12% - 18% than the volume of single stage. to compress the   same air volume, two-stage compression can save an average of 15% of power than the single stage, Rotor and bearing force is

 small, and the rotor diameter is big, rotational speed is low, so the operation more reliable.