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EXD series Direct driven screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:19:18
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Product description

Variable frequency conception

OSG variable frequency series screw compressor takes advantage of the stepless speed regulation characteristics of the frequency changer,and start screw air compressor gently through the PID adjustor of the internal controller to improves the motor’ s start and operation mode.

Prediction and evaluation of energy saving

It is necessary to use air compressor frequency changer to the control method of air compressor, to achieve the effect of saving energy in a certain range.

Steady pressure

The air compressor frequency changer aims at a larger air volume fluctuations occasions. Internal PID regulator can quickly adjust response. Compared with the limit switch control of frequency operation, air pressure output stability increases exponentially,

keeping on a constant point.

Start with no impact

For the soft start function of the frequency changer, the start electricity is 3 times less than the frequency start. Small start impact.

Variable frequency components

Frequency changer advantages

1.Motor starts smoothly, little impact on the power grid, small damage on motor itself.

2.Reduce the motor working voltage and realize the energy-saving effect under small gas consumption by reducing the operating frequency.

3.Reach the balance quickly by increasing or decreasing the operating frequency. Under large consumption, air compressor can achieve maximum rated discharge capacity; if small, it can reduce exhaust emission that is still enough for users.

Variable flow control

Based on the PID regular and the actual air usage volume to adjust the motor speed at a real time, the frequency changer controls the emission output and achieves a balance of gas supply. Under low volume, the air compressor will sleep automatically to reduce the energy loss. The optimal removal can further improve the energy-saving effect.

Better voltage adaptability of AC power supply

Due to the over modulation technique used in frequency changer, it still output enough torque while in low AC power supply voltage, motor keeps working; it will not lead to a higher voltage output to motor even under the high voltage.