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E series Belt driven screw air compressor
Published in:2016-12-06 10:25:16
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Product description

E belt series performance characteristics

 Direct viewing transmission, easy to adjust and replace.

 To avoid the occurrence of host damage due to any other fault conditions, protect the normal service life of the machine.

 Every running state of belt tension reaches to the optimum value.

 Greatly extend the working life of the belt and reduce the motor and rotor bearing load by avoiding startup overlarge tension.

 Easy and fast to replace the belt.




 "A" 表示风冷,"W" 表示水冷。

 "A" means air-cooled, "W" means water-cooled.

 其他排气量大于 40m3/min, 排气压力大于 1.3MPa 的机型可特殊订货。

 Other exhaust amount greater than 40m3/min, the exhaust pressure greater than 1.3MPa, can be a special order.


 Our company keeps improving the product constantly, and reserves the right of design improvement. Parameters change without notice.